“U-NET Invest” Investment House- Company Profile

“U-NET Invest”
Investment House is a diversified solution provider in the investment arena for financial planning clients and companies that includes solutions for portfolio management and investing through an “IRA” Provident fund.
It is our goal to integrate between the alternative of a personal choice of asset allocations for clients and professional active management that is provided by an experienced, respected and professional team.
U-NET Invest has a unique methodology in the Israeli Capital Markets. And integrates professionalism with values in order to provide a complete solution for clients.

Unique Investment Trails

U-Net Invest
is a specialist in a wide variety of investment strategies from conservative to speculative integrating methodologies from the world of risk manage for our clients.
It is our intention to achieve the highest returns for our clients on a long term basis while accommodating our investment strategies to an ever changing market.
Every portfolio that we construct, we take into account our cliennts special circumstances, needs and goals.
The most important principle for us in U-NET Invest is the personal touch, and escorting our clients over the lifeline of the investment with a Personnel Asset Manager. 

Transparency and Values
U-NET Invest puts special focus on our values. We put professionalism and integrity as our main priority and act without conflict of interest with our clients.
The company does not have any conflicting activities such as Nostro investing or underwriting.
The only source of income for the Investment House are the fees we receive from our satisfied clients that we agree upon with the client when establishing and defining our relationship.

The U-NET Team

Shay Penso – Chairman

Nir Darchi – Joint CEO

Naor Adiver – Joint CEO



 Unet invest TL - 1700-72-00-72   FAX - 0777-66-07-52 Mail: office@unetinvest.com   Tel Aviv 6801298 6, Prof. Yehezkel Kaufman 

יונט אינווסט  טלפון - 1700-72-00-72   פקס - 0777-66-07-52 מייל: office@unetinvest.com בית גאון קומה 9, רחוב יחזקאל קויפמן 6, תל אביב 6801298